LeBlanc Contracting
Tips are updated regularly in an effort to keep our clients informed of things happening and new products. We hope they help!

  1. Always use oil stain blocker primer before plastering in kitchen and baths.  Most older homes
    at some point have had oil paint on the walls.  Insuring that there is adherence will always get the best results.  Plaster will not stick if the surface is not prepared properly.
  2. Always check that the main shut off is in good working order before beginning any plumbing project.  It is the only fail safe if something goes wrong.
  3. Never start a project without a clear understanding of product availability.  Back ordered items can hold up projects for days, if not weeks.
  4. When choosing products for your home do your homework.  A lot of products that look good may not always be the best when it comes to quality.  Many of our clients have been fooled by this trap.  Never be afraid to call and ask your contractor before you purchase a product.  A good contractor has experience with a broad range of products and quality. They can assist you in avoiding these problems.
  5. When choosing your décor always choose the most expensive item in the room first.  The other items should accent and complement, but not overpower that item. 
  6. When doing dusty projects in your home turn your furnace off.  When you restart it, let it run briefly before changing your furnace filter.
  7. Always install your light fixtures and flood the room with natural light before your final touch-ups when renovating.  Lighting has a tendency to change what you will see.
  8. When choosing products such as flooring and counter tops at displays always lay out your pallet and stand back a minimum of 5 feet.  You will always view these products from a similar distance in a natural setting. 
  9. When staining, always use a good quality wood conditioner to insure an even finish.
  10. When choosing exterior colors for your home limit yourself to three colors that complement or contrast each other.  This will allow you to leave room for other enhancing features (materials, lighting, and landscaping details.