customer thoughts

October 18th 2014 LeBlanc Contracting just finished the second of two major renovations to my home. The first renovation was in 2007 when the basic idea was just to update my older home to make it more pleasant and comfortable. In that renovation Marcel's creative abilities took me way beyond my expectations and transformed my Home into a beautiful Space. Then, this summer I wanted to make two poky bedrooms into one so that I could take full advantage of the view I have of Lake Erie. I just wanted to open things up to enjoy my view, but again, Marcel went way beyond my expectations in not only creating a beautiful bedroom come sitting room with a view but he also gave the outside of my home much more curb appeal. Along with his creativity and the excellent quality of workmanship he and his workers provide these are the things I really appreciate about Marcel: He listens to what I want and offers suggestions where I am hesitant and pondering. Then we sit down to create a concise detailed written agreement before the job begins. His integrity in handling the financial aspects. His attention to detail that gives the finish that polished look. The consideration in taking care that the rest of my house is kept reasonably clean while he was working on the project. And, last but not least, the fact that I can trust him and his workers with my key which is no small thing to me.

Patricia Davenport(Client 211)